libecmdb  0.7.0
Ellipsoidal Cube Map (ECM) projection and hierarchical data base
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ecmdb::metadata Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 metadata ()
 metadata (ecmdb::category_t category)
void create (ecmdb::category_t category)
bool is_valid () const
void save (std::ostream &os) const
void load (std::istream &is)
void open (ecmdb::category_t category, const std::string &dirname, const std::string &original_url="")
void write (const std::string &dirname) const

Public Attributes

ecmdb::category_t category
union {
   struct {
      float   min
      float   max
   }   elevation
   struct {
      float   min
      float   max
      double   sum
      unsigned long long   valid
   }   sar_amplitude

Detailed Description

Meta data. Stored for each quad and also once for the whole data base.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ecmdb::metadata::metadata ( )

Constructor for invalid meta data

ecmdb::metadata::metadata ( ecmdb::category_t  category)

Constructor for valid meta data of the given category

Member Function Documentation

void ecmdb::metadata::create ( ecmdb::category_t  category)

Create valid meta data for the given category

bool ecmdb::metadata::is_valid ( ) const

Return whether this meta data is valid

void ecmdb::metadata::save ( std::ostream &  os) const

Serialization: save to stream

void ecmdb::metadata::load ( std::istream &  is)

Serialization: load from stream

void ecmdb::metadata::open ( ecmdb::category_t  category,
const std::string &  dirname,
const std::string &  original_url = "" 

Open a metadata file

void ecmdb::metadata::write ( const std::string &  dirname) const

Save a metadata file

Member Data Documentation

float ecmdb::metadata::min

Minimum elevation in this data base

Minimum SAR amplitude > 0

float ecmdb::metadata::max

Maximum elevation in this data base

Maximum SAR amplitude

struct { ... } ecmdb::metadata::elevation
double ecmdb::metadata::sum

Sum of all valid SAR amplitude values

unsigned long long ecmdb::metadata::valid

Number of valid SAR amplitude values

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